Sunday, June 15, 2008

Frightening weather

I flatly refused to go to shul (synagogue) for Mincha-Maariv/Arvit (Afternoon and Evening Services) last night because I was literally afraid to leave the apartment building--I'm petrified of thunderstorms. On the plus side, this gave me a legitimate excuse for skipping davvening (praying) with a minyan--I actually prefer to davven Mincha-Maariv at home on Saturday night because I can't stand the speed-davvening approach to prayer at Saturday Maariv services (especially common this time of year, when Shabbat/Sabbath ends late due to the late sunset). But I wish I'd had a less frightening excuse.

Meanwhile, in the wilds of Wisconsin, the weather in Milwaukee makes some members of this family freak out. The Mom thinks this is the second 100-year rain, but the Dad comments that you can't have two in less than two decades. Eldest Daughter recounts a droll conversation that she had with Youngest Daughter concerning the first-graders' tornado drill, then finds herself wishing she'd paid more attention to the dangerous-weather safety instructions when she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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